Local Artisan Spotlight: Brooke Mack with Brooke Mack Art

Brooke Mack is one of those people you instantly like. She has a contagious smile, a bright personality, and someone you want to get to know better. Or at least, that’s how I think of her. I can remember seeing her artwork for the first time and being in complete awe that normal people are just walking around with the most incredible gift or being able to create something out of nothing.

Brooke has been drawing and painting on and off since she was a kid but has been seriously pursuing art for the past four years. Brooke was a dental hygienist for many years before she took time off to homeschool her three kids. I remember her telling me there was a time when she felt the calling to start painting again and she began with watercolor, quickly switching her medium to acrylic to be able to focus on the smaller details. 

I asked her what her favorite piece she’s ever created has been and her reply:

I love them all, but the one that continues to inspire me every day is “Tender Creation”. It’s a large-scale black and white painting of a mama bison and calf and it takes up a whole wall in my living room. Whenever I feel like I can’t pull off a project or idea, I look at that piece and get excited for all the amazing possibilities.

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I feel very fortunate to have had Brooke as a Local Artisan at Magpie for a number of years. I think her pieces are absolutely amazing and I am always in awe of the art she brings in. I personally own quite a few of her prints and continually look forward to seeing what she will be creating next. Besides finding her prints at Magpie, you can find them online at Brookemack.com or locally inside Wyoming Art & Frame. 

I asked her what she would go back and tell herself 10 years ago and her reply is something I think a lot of artisans need to hear: You can make money with your art! She’s proof of that. Stop in to see the latest Brooke Mack Art prints we have in stock.

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