What is Brunch Club?

This is your official invitation... Come Brunch With Us!

We’ve been hosting Brunch Club for over a year now. Can you believe it?! It officially kicked off in January 2022. Well, no, technically our very first Second Saturday Brunch Club was March of 2020. We had a wonderful turn out, so much fun, such great food and then four days later the world shut down. It took me until 2022 to get back to planning and building this awesome Brunch Club community and I am SO glad I did. What a fun event this has been over the past 14 months. I look forward to it every month. I begin planning weeks in advance on what we’re going to eat and drink. Most of the items are things I bake for you the morning of Brunch Club. There’s nothing like fresh egg bites or the most delicious bacon crack (recipe coming soon!) warm and fresh when you arrive at the store. 

But, let me backup.

Before I convince you that you absolutely must join us at our next Brunch Club, let me tell you about the event. It is not a secret society. It is not something you have to be invited to. You definitely don’t need to dress up for it and you can 100% bring a friend, in fact, we encourage that! Second Saturday Brunch Club is a place to build community, to meet your friends downtown for a few hours of shopping, to leave your kids with your husband and come down for a few hours of alone time. It is a chance to connect with others who also love Brunching! I bet you will find something in common with that lady also enjoying the mimosa of the month. Oh yeah, did I tell you, we always have a Magpie Mimosa on hand? 

Need More Convincing?

Magpie Designs invites you to discounts during Brunch Club in their downtown Gillette, Wyoming

There is NO cost to join us and really no reason not too. We reward you for just showing up by signing a loyalty card and the more you come the more you save throughout the year. Attend 3 Brunch Clubs (no purchase necessary) and you can get 30% off your entire purchase on your 3rd Second Saturday! Your 6th Brunch Club yields you 60% off 1 item of your choosing. And if you make it to 10/12 Brunch Clubs you are rewarded with a really fun swag bag. 

We always try to have a Local Artisan pop up and we now brunch with The Vintage Twine for twice the fun. We open the door between our buildings and you can enjoy the same Brunch Club discounts at Michelle’s store just like you can at Magpie. 

Now, back to convincing you why you need to come to Brunch Club. Wait? You’re already looking at the calendar? Awesome. We can’t wait to brunch with you!

Save The Dates

Magpie Designs presents Brunch Club in our downtown Gillette, Wyoming

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